MinedBlock host services using fully secure Data Centers. Mined coins will be held in fully encrypted cold storage until it is time to distribute earnings.

Multiple Currencies

Multiple Currencies

With MinedBlock there is no need to decide which coin or token you would like to mine as we mine a variety of different crypto to ensure you get a good spread and maximise profitability.

Zero Configuration

Zero Configuration

With our platform, you’ll save time and effort as we manage the whole process for you so there is no configuration required from you.

100% Transparency

100% Transparency

We commit to acting in a fully transparent way. Everything we do or plan will be communicated to our community. You won’t get caught out by any surprises.

Friendly Support

Friendly Support

Our support team is here to ensure things runs smoothly, so you can get on with other things.

Portfolio Growth

Portfolio Growth

Watch your portfolio grow when you use MinedBlock Mining. ETH will appear in your wallet on a regular basis.

Introduction to MinedBlock

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Meet The Team Behind MinedBlock

Our team is here to make sure the project delivers exactly what you expect it to and to ensure the service is one you can trust.

Greg Wales

Greg Wales

Co-Founder & CEO

Matt Ruff

Matt Ruff


Paul Bishop

Paul Bishop

Co-Founder & COO

Ruhin Khan

Ruhin Khan

Marketing Consultant



Project Concept Defined

Company Registration

Team Formed

Original Whitepaper Written

ICO Presale Begin

ICO Halted – Changed to STO

Whitepaper Version 3

Airdrop & Bounties Ended

SEC Exemption Filed


Security Token Offering Starts

Security Token Offering Ends

Data Centre Build Begins

Hardware Ordered

Mining Starts

First Dividends Paid

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Why do I have to pay for the KYC and Accredited Investor checks?

We decided to pass this cost on to reduce the likelihood of potential investors simply wasting our funds. We will reimburse all costs with discounted MBTX so you’re not really paying for the checks, you’re just buying some tokens early at a 50% discount

How can you make a profit when a lot of mining firms are shutting down?

Our running costs will be far lower than a lot of other companies due to the geographic locations we have chosen to host our mining farms. We can stay profitable even in the current bear market and we have some future plans to offset our electricity costs which will be revealed in due course. We will also switch to mining different assets when we need to, the service will be monitored 24/7 to ensure it is always running at peak efficiency.

How are you different to cloud mining?

With a cloud mining service you are buying a contract for a specific hashrate, usually over a period of 5 years. With this kind of agreement it would generally take around 48 months for you to recoup your costs leaving you with 1/5th of the term of the contract to generate some profit. What many people don’t consider is that the network difficulty will have increased in that time meaning you will probably never generate a real profit unless the price of Bitcoin increases dramatically.

With our solution you aren’t buying a fixed hashrate, you are buying a share of our whole service. This means that as we increase the size of the operation your share grows too. Also we intend to buy our tokens back over time and remove them from circulation which will also increase the value of your shares.

How will you expand the service, do you intend to add different crypto assets to your mining facilities?

We would like our token holders to have a say on how we expand and will have a voting system in place in order to manage this. As a team we will evaluate viable options for new assets that we could mine and will also review the performance of our initial choices before making the options available in the vote for the token holders to pick. Any suggestions can always be send to us via social channels or the contact form too.

The other aspect that we intend to offer is to host masternodes where we can host a node and earn transaction revenue that will also be shared between our token holders.

Can we have our revenue shares distributed in something other than just ETH?

Initially, we will be limited to distributing in ETH as that’s what our smart contracts can support but we would like to expand the choices in the future yes.

I took part in the original Airdrop or Bounty scheme, what happens to those tokens?

We intend to still honor the distribution of any tokens earnt during the airdrop and bounty. We will reserve the same number of the new ST20 security token and allow you to swap the ERC20 token for the new one subject to passing KYC as required.